Pictures of herpes are the first important things to can help dermatologist to diagnose herpes in men, women, face, on lips and mouth and know the lesion of the case he see in the clinic, with every clear image he see and know he will be able to diagnose the herpes with its characteristic lesions like vesicles and rash which always be with the infection of the skin. The pictures of herpes give clear view to how the herpes look like and to let people know what they can see in the lesion of herpes on lips, inside mouth, on back and in every part of your body as herpes can affect any part of our bodies and can spread to other parts and other persons if they live in the same home or they are partners so it can be contagious too with long contact between persons specially with herpes on lips and genital herpes, herpes can be in men , women, kids, adults, babies and toddler. When it affects adult can be easy to treat in clinic and homes and when affect babies it should be treated with full care, may be at hospital in some cases to avoid complication and sometimes babies need to have the treatment in fluid through veins

Pictures of herpes on lips

herpes on upper lips

 herpes on lips


- man with herpes

- he is 24 years old

- the herpes apear like small vesicles blisters in groups

herpes on side of mouth

 herpes on face

herpes pictures on face

- herpes with boy

-he is 15 years old

- herpes appears like small vesicles


What is herpes

Herpes is very common skin disorder related to the skin viral infections that affect skin with its lesions

Types of herpes

There are 2 common types of herpes, herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2 and every type can affect skin and type 2 more with genital area

Herpes virus 1 can be seen in children more than others, non-sexual transmitted problem in general and can be if between college and university students

Herpes virus 2 more obvious and seen in the age of hormonal changes which is called puberty, seen in genital parts of your body and considered sexual transmitted disease

So partner should be careful when someone of them get herpes infection

Who can get herpes

All of family, men and women, kids, children can be affected with herpes if the

infection reaches them, so the family care and doctor visit is important

 Herpes and body

Your body can have herpes in eyes, in arms, legs, back, shoulders, genital area, fingers and lips with mouth

How herpes spread

Herpes can reach any one through many ways like direct contact with infected skin, direct contact with genital area especially in partners and secretion through mouth like seen in saliva

Is herpes contagious?

Yes herpes infection is contagious and can be spread from person to another

How can you get herpes

Herpes can infected you by direct contact from skin to skin, person to person like genital contact and through saliva secretion too

Diagnosis and tests for herpes

Herpes should be diagnosed by dermatologist through many things like history and clinical examination through symptoms and signs of herpes

Herpes symptoms

Primary herpes infection can be asymptomatic, feeling of high fever, myalgia, headache, malaise and group of vesicles on the infected area with herpes

Recurrent herpes infection can with burning sensation, painful lesions, redness, tender, tingling and severe itching

How does herpes look like

Herpes is skin viral infections appear in group of vesicles on erythematous area around these vesicles and sometimes with ulceration of skin and seen on lips, genital area and face around mouth

How man times you can have herpes

Herpes can affect skin once in all life but it can be recurrent so may be after months or years it reactivate the lesions of herpes in your body again, and may be not happen again through all life

Herpes treatment

There are many ways in treatment of herpes and its symptoms which are like pain, itching and tingling

Herpes creams

Acyclovir 5% Cream or Ointment on of the most common herpes creams used by dermatologist all over the world always be first choice and it is FDA approved cream for treatment of herpes infection

Docosanol 10% Cream and Penciclovir 1% Cream are other 2 creams used for treating herpes skin infection

Herpes pills

Acyclovir 200mg- 400mg 3 times daily for 7 days and may be to 10 days according to your doctor and it’s the first choice

Valacyclovir 1gm 2 times daily for 1 day also used by doctors

Natural herpes treatment

There are some herbal plants that can be used in treatment of herpes skin infection and its effect is so good

Our Herpes Informations

What is herpes 

How can you get herpes

Is herpes contagious

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